The Dance Of Life offers a variety of workshops each year including:

  • Workshops which will improve and enhance your dance technique.
  • Introduce new elements and steps.
  • Choreography intensives.
  • “Herstory Of Dance”
  • Introduction to Gypsy Belly Dance.
  • We also offer several FREE workshops annually. 

Check through the workshops below to find the ones for you.

Up-coming Workshops

Up-coming workshops will be show here when they become available.

Free Community Workshops

Sonya teaching a free workshop in Gregson Park Hamilton NSW as part of the Unity In Diversity Festival 2017.

This free workshop is just one of several you can attend each year as part of Dance Of Life’s community engagement and support program.

Sonya's free workshop history

Introduction to Bellydance

Over my 25 year career of teaching Gypsy Bellydance in Australia, I have given a substantial amount of my time to running hundreds of free bellydance workshops. By introducing the foundation and core fundamentals of this Middle Eastern style of dance, properly, participants are setup up for a long safe and enjoyable experience. The physical and mental health benefits of this ancient dance are just as important and thousands of women have gone on to explore and experience the benefits of this amazing dance style.

Introduction to Arabic Percussion

It goes without saying that Arabic percussion, in its varied forms, has become part of my inner beat. It drives the dance style I have taught for so long. Understanding the rhythms is an integral part of dancing this style.
Like most musical styles we delve into, if we are familiar with the structure, then we can feel prepared for what’s coming in the music and therefore ready to strut our stuff.
My percussion workshops give dancers the extra pieces of the puzzle and fundamentals to fully experience the dance. Musicians, who just want to play the drum, or other percussion instruments associated with Arabic percussion, not only learn the variety of rhythms from the Middle East but also learn how to work with the dancer