Courses Overview

This is where the learning really begins.
– Learn the steps and techniques that enable you to dance this ancient style safely and beautifully.
– Learn how to work with props like: the veil, the cane, zills (finger cymbals), frame drum and the rek (Middle Eastern tamborine).
– Learn dance synchronicity in group choreographies, and be more confident in free-form and improvisation.
– Learn how to include expression, grace & style into your dancing.
– Experience the joy of dance, get in tune with your body, enjoy your femininity and the reason we dance.
– Get to know the history behind this dance form.
– Understand the physical, spiritual and emotional health benefits of this remarkable ancient dance.

Sonya has taken her inspiration from the  Gawazi style of dance. This is one of the oldest known dance styles, originating with the gypsies of Egypt and the tribes of North Africa. All other forms of “bellydance” styles find their roots here. Once you learn the foundation of this wonderful style, you can then transition to other variations more easily.

Term 2


Tuesday Evenings

30th April – 2nd July 2024

This term, the Advanced and Intermediate classes are being amalgamated.
We will continue with our program of introducing more complex dances and the use of props such as canes, zills, veils, fans and more.
Students are also invited to perform at community and professional events, based on knowledge of choreography and expertise.

Day:         Tuesday
Time:        6.00 – 7.30PM
Cost:         $200

A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot in the Advanced/Intermediate class.
You should pay this deposit ASAP as classes fill up quickly.
Remember, all classes are limited to 16 participants.
The balance of the class cost is to be paid on the first night of class or by arrangement with Sonya.


Wednesday Evenings

8th May – 26th June 2024.

This is Dance Of Life’s Beginners Belly Dance Course and is the best introduction to the “belly dance” genre. There are many styles of belly dance, however for an outstanding entry and education into the speciality and originality of the tribal folk dancing of the gypsies and peoples of the Middle East and Northern Africa, you need to explore these dances with Dance Of Life’s, Sonya Manzalini.
The beginners course is just the start of your bellydance journey. Ongoing classes will help you to continue to develop and explore your dancing. 
Student numbers are limited for this course.