Beginners Belly Dance Course – Day – Term 1


This is Dance Of Life’s entry level belly dance course for beginners, held on Wednesdays during the day between 11.00AM – 12.30PM.

10th February  – 31st March 2021.

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This is Dance Of Life’s Beginners Belly Dance Course and is the best way to introduce yourself to the “belly dance” genre. There are many styles out there, however for an outstanding entry and education into the speciality and originality of the tribal folk dancing of the gypsies and peoples of the Middle East and Northern Africa, then you need to explore these dances with Dance Of Life’s, Sonya Manzalini.

The Gawazi style of dance is one of the original dance styles of the gypsies of Egypt, where all other “belly dance” styles originate. Once you learn this, you can transition to other styles easier and be able to dance them well, because of having a great foundation in this wonderful ancient dance.